11 May 2006 BECTA Industry Seminar

31 May 2006

Evidence of impact – lots of good news: lots of and increasing use of Interactive Whiteboards; use of mobile technologies increasing. Flash stats (all from 2005 data):

  • 69% of Primary and 42% of Secondary schools using IW (up from 11% and 12% respectively in 2004)– assumed to be a good thing, some scepticism in audience over validity and value of measure
  • 38% of Primary and 21% of Secondary schools using internet resources in teaching (up from 14% & 10%)
  • 52% Secondary schools have a ‘learning platform’ (VLE)
  • 56% Primary schools don’t have a ‘learning platform’

A popular choice for those learning platforms are Open Source solutions – quickly followed by ‘but there’s no judgement, just an observation’…

There was an observation that there was some good quality resources being produced (perhaps driven or facilitated by eLCs) – but that there was no innovation, so perhaps an unusual definition of ‘good’.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the event was completed.

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