26 April 2006 – DTI collaborative R&D – ICT Strategy development

31 May 2006

Thoughts from the Technology Strategy Board. 6 arising topic areas for ICT

Pervasive – no mention of education as user? Demo 1 million node platform, sort out inter-operability.

Digital telecommunications – e-learning etc, high end of communications stack, exploits of underpinning research. More focus on digital media content rather then telecommunications hardware & systems.

Inter-enterprise – virtualisation, web services , autonomics (self healing systems) Development areas ; security , real-time data integration, personalisation, management tools & accounting, legal & social (IPR).

Intelligent systems – e-legal, virtual reality & serious gaming future applications area.

Modeling & simulation – quantitative prediction – Formalised trust models (from pervasive computing workshop) & risk analysis. Lots of convergence not much cohesiveness

Core criteria

  • UK competence & expertise to develop & exploit
  • Potential for impact & timescale
  • Size of global market opportunity ICT Innovations platform for education – working title

ICT competition – £1m-£2m over 2-3years Have an end-user on the consortium with a market in mind that will make money and could be exploited in other areas! 01355 272155 helpline Revisit briefing days in early May

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