5 May 2006 – London Knowledge Lab – sustaining research in e-Learning

31 May 2006

I missed some of the early presentations due to my getting horribly lost in central London.

ESRC funding for Groups – 5yrs JISC – bi-annual circulars (April, September), Laurie Phipps – user community groupings, identify bids & ideas – UK wide impact – Measuring impact on user community – partnerships & models of collaboration

Dr Peter Scott KMI – number of breadwinners – quantified financial targets Per breadwinner 71 ppl, 26 RA, 12 PhD, 17 Support, 8 Project Officers (these may now be out of date, or copies down inaccurately, there was quite a bit of real data Peter was sharing) aiming to be twice as big as us by budget 2010 – EU Networks of Excellence (the future) – don't lead on EU Project Base (30/70 money earners) with 20 baseline generic technologies

Prof Mike Sharples Learning Sciences Research Institute Moving to EU funding ? Roughly 1/6th our budget 4 Research Fellows , based in HEI schools , PhD (some Masters teaching), China campus soon to start with PhD research & teaching

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