Rob Holdway – Giraffe Innovations (entertaining & challenging speaker)
RSA WEEEman – one individuals contribution (3.3 tonnes of electronic waste).

Much larger impact of extraction, CO2 etc. Ecological impact – each person has 1.8 hectare – currently use 21% over capacity (minimum) and growing. Ecological footprint – of digital technology. Lots of evidence (from Design Council) about benefit and importance of design to SMEs & manufacturing.

Position of design in the product development process is blurring the technology boundaries. Mass customerisation / digital personalisation – putting tools into user reach but with solid design discipline integration. Modular products – what are the products being designed (or is design the product)?

Brain overload. Need to cogitate and follow up later.


PC Recycling

6 June 2006

Byteback computer recycling – very cool social enterprise in Bristol taking unwanted PCs (mostly from corporates), refurbish, reuse & recycle – export through Computers for African Schools and to their local community – charge donar not receiver – need to be careful over compliance with regulation, especially WEEE, data removal to US DoD standards, running for 4yrs and now supporting other social enterprises as feeder enterprise

edited 07/06/2006 20:30 – just found them on eBay, cool.

(An)other building demolition

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OK not quite as cool as blogging at 80mph but only my second day at this. And I thought the speed limit that side of the pond was 55mph? 🙂

Archaeological dig

1 June 2006


Cool, bit of a phaff (via Flikr)

Seems like most of Bristol is a building site at the moment. Apart from a couple of sites, only I only found one but I wasn’t looking too hard, there doesn’t appear to be much online presence, debate, comment, modelling, visualisation, education, etc?

Perhaps I just need to look harder.


1 June 2006

Well posted from my phone but not quite as mobile as hoped, still need to access via IE.