Clive Carter – OFCOM
Availability & demand
Seems to be peaking @ 6MB access – no need for more?
Demand uncertainty – people don’t know what to do with the extra bandwidth.
Market led outcome better than policy led? OFCOM thinks so.
Policy can be used to ‘correct’ digital divide where it exists (does the service exist elsewhere, does it matter?)
Danger of public policy led development, at least in UK, seems to work in Far East (Japan, South Korea, etc)

Lizzie Beesley – BT
2MB sufficient for digital TV so everything OK.
Problem is with demand side.
All down to society & connecting pieces – likes ACTNOW.

Julian Wright – Exeter Uni – straight forward sales pitch
X-AT – online collaborative working – share desktop & documents?
x-fora proprietary and closed ? SMEs not ready, Digital Challenge as evangelical sales?
Virtual laboratory – possible link to FL international projects?

Thomas Rawlings & Ana Kronschnabl – Fluffy Logic
TR – good speaker
Use the young to educate parents & families – Open Source education project – UWE, UoB, KnowledgeWest, Fluffy Logic, others )


British train travel

18 July 2006

Leaving aside great feats of British engineering, like a rail network (can hardly call it a system anymore) that stops working when it gets hot, or cold, or wet; and accepting that its impossible to provide wifi access on a train (even though you can get it on airplanes now); how about a 240V socket so that everyone that’s been delayed can at least charge their phone/iPod/laptop/PMP/ etc to help pass the hours between expected arrival (though in no way implied as being guaranteed, certain or even likely during the transaction that relieves you of your money) and actual arrival.

I know you can get them on Virgin trains but I’m on a GWR.

First rant!

ITV Local

17 July 2006

ITV local digital delivery – collapse of business models. Still scheduled?

Video on demand – google , yahoo & ebay as shock to system – public interaction and uploading? Editorial and fair use? Teachers TV streamed.

12 towns around the region – user tagged (not yet)?
Community & What’s on?

Compliance with ITV guidance – editorial vetting. Friends reunited dating?

Live broadcast from events.

Search & reuse – ITV Local keywords – don’t know about rights & CC. Discussion forum but not running so couldn’t demo (server crash). Download for a fee?

Not quite a killer, but quality by association could be a clincher for educational use.


12 July 2006

Very cool meeting with Howard Esbin and Phil Jarvis talking about a series of beautiful engagements that Howard has developed to elicit individual, group and community visions and understanding.

Widely use across the world this could be a really cool digital platform to be involved with. Needs support probably from Government agencies together with commercial and 3rd sector partners.

Interesting use of art as language (but not cultural) independent mediation device. Independent to collaborative working with a strong social message. Lots of evidence but (I don’t think) much formal academic research – could also be an interesting angle.

Pocket SharpMT

11 July 2006

Mobile blogging via Pocket SharptMT

blogging alternatives

11 July 2006

Still can’t mblog – or email
to WordPress. Trying different options. is great but doesn’t appear to support categories as nicely as WordPress. Yahoo 360 is nice but not as good as either WordPress or Blogger.

the search continues.