British train travel

18 July 2006

Leaving aside great feats of British engineering, like a rail network (can hardly call it a system anymore) that stops working when it gets hot, or cold, or wet; and accepting that its impossible to provide wifi access on a train (even though you can get it on airplanes now); how about a 240V socket so that everyone that’s been delayed can at least charge their phone/iPod/laptop/PMP/ etc to help pass the hours between expected arrival (though in no way implied as being guaranteed, certain or even likely during the transaction that relieves you of your money) and actual arrival.

I know you can get them on Virgin trains but I’m on a GWR.

First rant!


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  1. woodsy Says:

    You rightly mention the availability of power points on Virgin Trains – and very useful they are too. However, perhaps Mr Branson’s FaT Controller ought to look at the working of the air conditioning of the Voyager trains. On every one on which I’ve travelled, the air in the carriages bore the faint but unmistakable whiff of raw sewage. Not a rant really, just a thought.

    Apologies for the late posting of this comment.

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