Chat from Singapore

31 August 2006

Very cool chat by Steven Tong from Singapore Infocom Development Authority single agency for ICT in Singapore government and regulation tasked with promotion and development of ICT adoption & usage.

Population of 4m with 75% Chinese – large population in flux.

Singapore did BSF in 2002 – now on Masterplan II on how to use resulting infrastructure. Moving towards multiple education pathways including vocational skills; integrated program from 15yrs, skip O levels and go straight to A levels and degrees. New uses for social software – maintaining entries on wikipedeia. They are also using grid technologies.

iN2015 is their vision of an intelligent nation by 2015 – lots of quantitative targets (currently at 60% broadband usage in home). Not satisfied with ‘piddling’ 2-4Mb, they are aiming for 100Mb fibre to the home and ubiquitous wi-fi. Very clear focus on international exploitation.

EdVantage is their transformation program for education. 365 schools (50/50 – primary / secondary) with lots of reference to learner centric, personalised learning. Its a change program so some are still using technology in ‘traditional’ teaching, others being more adventurous.

Experiment with 20% of schools (65) and industry mentorship for 5% of schools. Explicitly refers to games for learning, including simulation, digital learning exchange as a market place for content – teachers, companies and other content holders can share or sell? Also building portfolio, assessment (starting with formative but already exploring summative) and collaborative applications on a national level.


bluetooth research

18 August 2006

Just been interviewed by HP researchers about my naming my phone’s bluetooth profile. I haven’t so it was quite a short interview.

Aparently 7% of people’s phones are discoverable by Bluetooth and many more have personal named phones… be interesting to see what the findings of the EPSRC research are.