Top opening quote from Eddison – Hell there are no rules, we’re trying to accomplish something!
Very funky box and presentation, all important first impressions being important. But an overarching comment that balancing a city wide transformation with a very formal project method (PRINCE II if you’re interested, probably not) is very difficult.
Computers for Pupils as part of the infrastructure Work Package. Lots of wireless meshing and coverage, especially with the non-city centre areas.
Work Stream2 – the Human Hub? – mentors, skils swaps, events etc. Tomorrow’s People – not sure what that is (interesting since I was until the nearly last minute coordinating this strand). Check Hardware Hub (WP2.3) for extended reuse technology solutions? Focus on Open Source and community rather than home access.
Disabled people as peer-led mentors and experts in technology? Inspired concept turning pre-conceptions in their head! I really like this comparatively late formal addition to the bid (there was always a relatively large inclusion agenda but this is fantastic).
Set up Community Interest Company to deliver and carry risk. In-sight panel of +50 Action Research; not sure that’s actually what’s being proposed but very cool if we can pull it off. Ongoing bid blog, hopefully individuals will take over with their own digital media.
Now we wait and see what Government thinks (due 7 or 14 March or perhaps 13 March)!



28 January 2007

So I’ve just reflashed the ROM on my phone to Crossbow. Courtesy of a PDA site in Vietnam!

Everything seems to be working fine so far. Managed to get Skype, Adobe Reader 2.0 and PocketSmarpMT installed and working. The keyboard keeps cutting in with PocketSmart but that happened before.

Internet freedom

27 January 2007

Broadband & wifi all over, landline dropped; VoIP, IM & mobile ahoy.

Learning from the Best

24 January 2007

In this case MFI, IKEA and others.
The Young Enterprise company I advise have spent most of their spare time over the last month building more stock for their upcoming Trade Fair at the Bristol Galleries. These are prime sales opportunities and place them alongside other companies rather than in a school event. Having lots of good quality stock is critical and this takes time and is rather boring after you’ve made a couple hundred bracelets, rings and earrings.
How about if we package up sets of beads and elastic and let people make their own!
Genius, and ready for the Mother’s Day rush where people will be looking for original gift ideas that they can personalise!
All I had to do was draw the parallels and they were even more chuffed that they’d arrived in 4 months at business practices it took MFI decades to work out.

Blog developments

23 January 2007

The blog roll has gone – I’m now reading feeds through Google Reader but haven’t figured out how to get a dynamic list of feeds.
I think I’ve linked to MyBlogLog for people reading this, see what happens…

It’s never easy converting a City wide vision into 10,000 words. Given over 12 months of activity there was an incredible breadth of ideas and coherent vision. This was perhaps best demonstrated on the blog site. And when was the boldness of vision coming from the rural link when there was tons of innovation within the city? *sigh*
Personally I feel much of this has been lost in the translation to a bid document. Perhaps the heavy hand of local government is making it’s presence felt, if only through limited scope of ambition rather than overt constraining. Since I’m not actually writing the proposal (I’ve contributed one of the larger Workpackages but am not involved in the final writing; I’ve got enough on my plate) perhaps I shouldn’t be too harsh; but this is a £3m bid, not sure where the £4m match is coming from.
The open approach of the early days has given way (quite understandably since its a competition) to a closed document being developed by a small team. Unfortunately I don’t think the richness and city-voice has survived; notwithstanding it’s still a comprehensive and impressive document given the time scale. Ultimately it will depend on the outcome – if the bid is successful and delivers, who cares?
Interesting link to Singapore where the approach is much more ‘how do we do…’ rather than ‘why?’ the assumption being that its happening so better to be at the front than spending lots of time thinking about it.

Talktalk and future fun

8 January 2007

Just helped Mum to upgrade to Broadband via TalkTalk. The whole thing was mercifully easy (except for my being a bit cocky in transferring her Yahoo email details).
In the end the only thing that didn’t work first time was the little bit of plastic needed to split her phone from her Broadband, after two different ones were tried they admitted the standard version was a bit pants and to go buy one from a shop and they’d refund the cost (which they did). All seems a bit silly.
The real success was introducing Mum to for keeping track of her art and history reading. She’s a bit of a culture buff and has done several OU courses but never really got the hang of file management. Now she doesn’t have to, so long as she remembers to tag lots and often!
Off to the BETT show later this week, see what arises there…