Talktalk and future fun

8 January 2007

Just helped Mum to upgrade to Broadband via TalkTalk. The whole thing was mercifully easy (except for my being a bit cocky in transferring her Yahoo email details).
In the end the only thing that didn’t work first time was the little bit of plastic needed to split her phone from her Broadband, after two different ones were tried they admitted the standard version was a bit pants and to go buy one from a shop and they’d refund the cost (which they did). All seems a bit silly.
The real success was introducing Mum to for keeping track of her art and history reading. She’s a bit of a culture buff and has done several OU courses but never really got the hang of file management. Now she doesn’t have to, so long as she remembers to tag lots and often!
Off to the BETT show later this week, see what arises there…

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