Grand Visions to deliverables

9 January 2007

It’s never easy converting a City wide vision into 10,000 words. Given over 12 months of activity there was an incredible breadth of ideas and coherent vision. This was perhaps best demonstrated on the blog site. And when was the boldness of vision coming from the rural link when there was tons of innovation within the city? *sigh*
Personally I feel much of this has been lost in the translation to a bid document. Perhaps the heavy hand of local government is making it’s presence felt, if only through limited scope of ambition rather than overt constraining. Since I’m not actually writing the proposal (I’ve contributed one of the larger Workpackages but am not involved in the final writing; I’ve got enough on my plate) perhaps I shouldn’t be too harsh; but this is a £3m bid, not sure where the £4m match is coming from.
The open approach of the early days has given way (quite understandably since its a competition) to a closed document being developed by a small team. Unfortunately I don’t think the richness and city-voice has survived; notwithstanding it’s still a comprehensive and impressive document given the time scale. Ultimately it will depend on the outcome – if the bid is successful and delivers, who cares?
Interesting link to Singapore where the approach is much more ‘how do we do…’ rather than ‘why?’ the assumption being that its happening so better to be at the front than spending lots of time thinking about it.

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