Connecting Bristol – Digital challenge bid review

30 January 2007

Top opening quote from Eddison – Hell there are no rules, we’re trying to accomplish something!
Very funky box and presentation, all important first impressions being important. But an overarching comment that balancing a city wide transformation with a very formal project method (PRINCE II if you’re interested, probably not) is very difficult.
Computers for Pupils as part of the infrastructure Work Package. Lots of wireless meshing and coverage, especially with the non-city centre areas.
Work Stream2 – the Human Hub? – mentors, skils swaps, events etc. Tomorrow’s People – not sure what that is (interesting since I was until the nearly last minute coordinating this strand). Check Hardware Hub (WP2.3) for extended reuse technology solutions? Focus on Open Source and community rather than home access.
Disabled people as peer-led mentors and experts in technology? Inspired concept turning pre-conceptions in their head! I really like this comparatively late formal addition to the bid (there was always a relatively large inclusion agenda but this is fantastic).
Set up Community Interest Company to deliver and carry risk. In-sight panel of +50 Action Research; not sure that’s actually what’s being proposed but very cool if we can pull it off. Ongoing bid blog, hopefully individuals will take over with their own digital media.
Now we wait and see what Government thinks (due 7 or 14 March or perhaps 13 March)!

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