Modern Life

1 February 2007

So I’m in the lounge, surfing the web, catching up on some RSS feeds via Google Reader, keeping an eye on email etc via Outlook (sync’d with the office via VPN over the wifi) and the girlfriend is in the front room with CSI on the TV while drafting her latest research abstract (something complex about pharmachology and clinical prescribing).
We’re swapping versions back through msn messenger’s shared folder and Word’s track changes. Actually, I’m just making gramatical and readability comments but it spreads the sense of shared work load.
Which is all a distinct improvement on most Thursday evenings when we’d normally be in different cities playing backgammon or checkers over video Skype. The joy of taking a day off work and spending it with loved ones.
Then again I was a business related project building meeting this morning and another one tomorrow morning, in the modern ‘knowledge economy‘ you’re never really on holiday unless you can truely get away from all connectivity!

winter escape!

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