Scenario planning for Regional Learning & Skills

27 February 2007

Back a work and fighting jet-lag so straight into a regional meeting about Learning & Skills in the digital age. Jointly organised by NIACE and Learning South West at their offices in Bishop Hull.

A surprisingly open and concordant day about the need for some new thinking around learning and skills and their development in the region. It was also a formal introduction to Scenario Planning from Alister Wilson from Waverley Management Consultants. The take away was a +100 report on an EU project on developing Regional Key Compentencies where these scenarios were used to good effect. Though I would question their statement on the landing page that scenarios are a “magic box” of tools, it was a fairly intense day and we only touched on the full depth of the process.

Even in the dramatically reduced time and scope afforded by such an introduction, we identified several areas where sufficient agreement existed for an argument that would be likely to result in actions and strategic plans. The final note reflected one of Alister’s opening bullet points that Scenario Planning was not about forecasting the future, but proposing plans to cope with the uncertainties inherent in the future.

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