My car was in for a service so I walked from the Watershed to the garage to pick it up, it was a nice day. On the way I took the river path along the Avon and spotted a group of brick dogs and some old ship works.

The dogs were part of the back wall for the Bristol Dogs Home, but very unexpected.

Brick Dogs

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Then just around the next bend were some old timbers that must have been for drying out barges and other vessels to be worked on. They’re pretty silted up but would have supported a fairly substantial boat in their time. This is a ways up river and it’s amazing to think that serious industry was active that far up such a tidal stretch of water, as you can see, there’s precious little water there at the moment.

Old timbers

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Ain’t University great

28 March 2007

Where else would you get a chance to turn yourself into Robocop?

The full story on New Scientist reveals that the research aims to improve seemless interaction between our technology (ubiquitous and wearable; if not implanted) and our environment. Sounds like a great idea but given the slightly tricky nature of technology interpreting human intention, I don’t think its going to find rapid adoption. Still if it can be implemented in specific situations, one thinks immediately of the emergency services, it could be really beneficial. Imagine a firefighter looking at an industrial fire, the third eye picking out the gas cylinders and reporting their contents and additional safety precautions.

I recall some work at UWE on a dynamic GIS system that could provide emergency services with some of this but without the person mounted camera (I think, it was a few years ago and I can’t find a link on UWE’s Built Environment pages).

Mission control

22 March 2007

Mission control

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On the way back up from 40m.

Taking a couple days off to use up holiday allowance, so headed for Plymouth to find that a pot dive is planned at DDRC so we’re spending the evening squishing (technical term) a bunch Plymouth University students.

Mothering Sunday

19 March 2007

The dutiful son visited Mum and carried out tech support.

Having set up Mum on Flickr, we now had to get her Uploader running so she could share her +200 photos with the World, muh hah hah…

Turns out she’d done some self censorship and there were only 130 photos. Still took a couple of hours to run through tags and contacts & friends. Now for YouTube.

On a side note, I discovered that some kind soul had been through my holiday photos of Mardi Gras and labelled the Rex procession with reading notes. Very cool!

Digital Challenge

13 March 2007

Not on the Connecting Bristol site yet, but we weren’t successful in the bid. Sunderland was announced as the winner, with Manchester getting an honourable mention.

Consolation prize was the announcement of additional funding for the other 9 bids to develop some ideas, I didn’t quite catch the details but I think it was £2m + £500k plus possibly some additional money. All of which is good news, and interestingly the announcement is for the Digital Challenge 2007: so will there be a Digital Challenge 2008, Digital Challenge 2009…

Of course Bristol will be doing a lot of what is in our bid, just a bit slower and smaller.

Update – several posts announcing the announcement, the post-announcement meeting, and the emerging discussion on what to do next.

Big news last night at the Bristol & Gloucestershire Young Enterprise Company of the Year competition, held at Bank of Ireland. After much tension and emotion (especially after the awards for Best Report, Best Trade Stand and Best Presentation had been awarded) and two runners up, AccessorME won the overall prize!

Congratulations for consistent and high performance throughout the year.

This puts them through to the Regional competition, then the Nationals and finally the International competition.

Also announced the first year of running a parallel business performance simulation game through Business Smart.