Aspirations & Career choices?

5 March 2007

Listening to Sara Cox on Radio 1 in the car yesterday (I’m not a great fan of show tunes and Gardener’s Question Time would probably have elicited more concentration that should be spared on the motorway), she had a news(?) item on a new reality TV show for young girls (18-25) that wanted to be a WAG. The grand prize after 8 weeks of presumably realistically degrading tasks; their very own footballer and a proposal of marriage.

After initial off-hand incredulity that anyone would voluntarily enter what appears (admittedly from some distance) to be such a superficial and vacuous life, I got to thinking ‘what would make someone do such a thing?’.

I guess the odds of winning such a show are better than the National Lottery (the other last gasp hope of those with nothing else to hope for). And I guess that exposure over 8 weeks is more likely to ensure a continued ‘career’ as a media celeb. Several reality shows participants/victims have turned obscurity into a moderately successful career, not that I could name more than perhaps Jade Goody but I’m sure there are others that I didn’t realise ‘started out’ on some such show. They seem to keep popping up as co-presenters on light programming on Sunday afternoon.

As an aside, it’s a comment on something that Jade has her own (quite extensive) wikipedia page.

But how would you train or educate someone for such a career? A basic understanding of media and PR probably wouldn’t hurt. It probably wouldn’t help to read widely or study anything (I was going to add – to any depth – but I think not). Can you train someone to be a celebrity or will they eventually be ‘found out’ and thrown from grace? Does it matter if they entertain(?) for a time and manage to hang on to enough money to keep them going in the future?

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