Ain’t University great

28 March 2007

Where else would you get a chance to turn yourself into Robocop?

The full story on New Scientist reveals that the research aims to improve seemless interaction between our technology (ubiquitous and wearable; if not implanted) and our environment. Sounds like a great idea but given the slightly tricky nature of technology interpreting human intention, I don’t think its going to find rapid adoption. Still if it can be implemented in specific situations, one thinks immediately of the emergency services, it could be really beneficial. Imagine a firefighter looking at an industrial fire, the third eye picking out the gas cylinders and reporting their contents and additional safety precautions.

I recall some work at UWE on a dynamic GIS system that could provide emergency services with some of this but without the person mounted camera (I think, it was a few years ago and I can’t find a link on UWE’s Built Environment pages).

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