Bristol OpenCoffee

20 April 2007

A small but motivated (it was 8am after all) group of us gathered at the Starbucks just outside Bristol Temple Meads train station for the inaugural Bristol OpenCoffee meet. Topics of conversation included the usual difficulties of breaking into the mobile markets and the power of the operators, and finding sources of seed or pre-Angel funding. There was also discussion around the a possible Bristolian trait of enjoying an ‘underground’ approach (great if you’re a DJ, perhaps less good if you’re looking to launch the next global business).

There was general agreement that the morning was a success, there was even a little business conducted. Given the strength of the media and digital arts scene, it was proposed that the next OpenCoffee be an OpenBeer event and perhaps alternate on a fortnightly basis.

Definately more to happen here so watch those and OpenCoffee spaces for more news.

StarBucks, I was a bit early which is why there’s no one about, I think Mark has a better photo of us taken a bit later.

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  1. Simon Bunker Says:

    Hi John,
    Good to meet you yesterday and thanks for posting this. I have just posted a similar summary and details of the next meet.
    Have a good weekend

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