Sailing season kicks off

20 April 2007

Last night was the welcome and kick-off of the new sailing season with the Bristol Sailing School, and their volunteers in particular. At the moment there are 3 evening sailing opportunities that are largely supported by volunteers with core cover provided by WESSA staff. At the moment I mainly help out with the Wednesday evening sailing for schools that would otherwise find it difficult to send children sailing.

I also found out about the Monday evenings where they take children with severe learning difficulties sailing. So I’ll try and get along to some of those also. The Friday evening sailing is for adults with severe difficulties, but I’m usually on the road then so probably won’t make those.

The gig out sailing last night isn’t part of the Sailing School but is a very cool sight to behold when a couple hundred years ago such vessels would have been the tug boats, rescue boats and general work vessels around the Bristol docks and Channel.

A beautiful sight, sailing gig in Bristol Docks.

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