Open Beer – Lawyer alert

4 May 2007

Talk about intimidating, walked into the Watershed cafe for the Open Beer alternative to Open Coffee and was greeted by wall-to-wall suits. And not just suits, lawyers. And not just lawyers, insolvency lawyers!

Fortunately I spotted Simon and we quickly got a fine pint of Gem to fend off the lawyer-fest going on closer to the bar. Mark and Tom soon showed up and the conversation quickly moved on to mobile applications, new gadgets (the latest HTC smartphone/umpc sounds incredibly sexy, in a geek kind of way 🙂 ), and the various ideas/memes circulating the bloggosphere.

Mike turned up from Edinburgh and almost immediately got out his camera (photo’s here when they’re up). He and Tom quickly got into a detailed discussion about something, while Mark, Simon and I meandered around learning games, social software and more beer. Mike had to dash and some bizzare route of non-logic led us to possibly the greatest viral game prospect going!

The beer might have had some influence but it sounded plausible at the time, watch this space as they say to see if anything happens, if not we’ll blog about it and let someone else have a go!


2 Responses to “Open Beer – Lawyer alert”

  1. Tom Says:

    “The beer might have had some influence but it sounded plausible at the time”

    After some fairly quick research, it seems it’s very much plausible! I look forward to our next conversation about it!

  2. Mark Says:

    shhhh! It’s top secret.

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