Open coffee, beer & entrepreneurship

18 May 2007

Last night’s Open Coffee Bristol meet up doubled up with the Bristol Enterprise Network event (though I’m not sure they knew about it). Irfon Watkins from Coull TV and Clive Birnie & Martyn Shiner from Severn Delta stopped by before joining the BEN crowd (they had free wine). I stayed for the Entrepreneur’s Question Time and asked if Bristol was ready for a Y Combinator/TechStars/et al type investment and incubation fund/service. The panel (Mike Bennett, E3, James Foster, Xmos, Sandu Hellings, RiskHive, and Irfon) all thought that the mix of research, enterprising spirit and creativity made Bristol ripe for such an undertaking. I also asked if they’d (as entreprenuers) put their own money into such a fund, Irfon went so far as to say he’s already putting something together.

I later got chatting to Andy Parkhouse from Team Rubber (got to love creative industries for company names) and he was also thinking about something similar. This could be a tipping point.

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