Connecting Bristol still connected

24 May 2007

I was catching up with some of the Futurelab researchers (Dan, Rich and Ben) so was a bit late to the Connecting Bristol event. Fortunately Clare was live blogging everything.

Just after I arrived, Stephen Hilton was talking about a new proposal to the DC10 group for a digital environment project, specifically looking at the impact of digital technologies on environmental issues. This was one of the trickiest parts of writing the original challenge proposal. Now it looks like Bristol, Birmingham, manchester and the others are putting together ‘Green Shift’ to look at smart digital media and smart energy technology (living lab as test bed).

Matthew Taylor (RSA) was mentioned in the context of coffee house challenges and community based environmental solutions, but I’m not sure quite how that fits just yet (Stephen is hopefully going to send a draft of the Green Shift proposal over so I can read it). That’s scheduled for an Oct/Nov submission.

Stephen Dodson (Director of the Digital Challenge Programme), mentioned that recent findings from target=”_blank”Ability Net suggested that Microsoft’s new Vista has better accessibility features to the ‘alternatives’ I.e. Open source? That was in response to quite a forceful proposition that any solution would be open source (Linux) based.

One of the closing ‘announcements’ that caught my ear was Thomas Rawlings from Fluffy Logic (and lots of partners) trailing the launch of a p2p open source, media content sharing platform, nearly similar to LionShare from Penn State University. Definitely one to watch out for in the future.

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