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30 May 2007

Just had a job interview (link to the spec on C4 pages) with University Central England, Birmingham (yesterday, followed by a couple of beers in Bristol to relax). Always stressful, more so since it’s a fantastic opportunity that I’d really like to build on the digital and games capability in the region.

A lot of the project reflects the Government’s recent thinking in their Creative Economy Programme (CEP). Of course, with Regional money there are peculiar strings relating to geography but given the cluster focus (serious games, interactive digital media, etc) its hard to see how this could genuinely get in the way of a great idea.

I was slightly taken aback when the project was described as being funded for 12 months but no longer. You’d think that having built a great reputation and delivery they’d want to sustain it by whatever means (certainly my plan). Two really interesting ideas was the industry information unit (market research with a mix of contracted and self-delivered IP) and a micro-finance fund. I’ve begun to bang on about this because I think there is evidence that such funds encourage innovation & entrepreneurs in a way that traditional British business plan competitions don’t. Plus they can provide sustainable funds for future investment (if you can pick enough winners).

Sky News has a Digg feature (its on silent in the Knights Templar, Bristol where I’m having a post interview beer and dinner)?

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