Dorkbot celebrates 10yrs of camera phone

15 June 2007

I was at the Dorkbot Bristol celebration of the 10th Anniversary for the Camera-phone.

The opening instruction (after some networking and beers) was ‘All phones on!’ and on speaker phone. Almost immediately we had two interruptions. Scott Fletcher was self-proclaimed expert out the front, and did an excellent job at entertaining and informing.

The story was that Philippe Kahn invented the camera phone 10 years ago to capture and share the birth of his new daughter (though there’s some dispute about authenticity), he wouldn’t share that but did record his daughter’s 10th birthday cake being blown out. Confusingly he was calling his dog ‘CameraPhone’ which must make for some interesting conversations in the park!

The main highlight of the evening was a movie compiled from submissions sent in celebration of the nearly ubiquitous device. As Scott said, individually they weren’t much good but as a composition, well my notes from the event read ‘Disjointed, grainy, crap sound but weirdly compelling – a bit like the mind washing Clockwork Orange scene’

There was also a longer montage of stills taken on a phone that were then sequenced into stop frame animation, at roughly 1 photo every 4 minutes, the sequence was sped up to roughly 4 frames a second. The result was very captivating and entrancing. Not sure if it’s on YouTube or somewhere?

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