Edith Akerman Visiting Professor at MIT Media delivered a tour du force on Nomadic learning , physical and mental locations & use of space. What technology supports this? Especially supporting inherent skills & desire of younger people for learning. example strategies include • Project • Re-purpose • Disguise • Reconfigure
Play – to take risky situations onto secure ground Networked society as a "space of flows" blurring real & virtual realities. Reinventing relationship & boundaries between spaces. Senses of belonging. Navigating, traveling without leaving?

Allow for smooth transition between place for the person. Dislocation disrupts psych.

Stake your territory & share (digital abundance). High touch as much as high technology.

Martin Chilcott (Place Group) presented a very impressive Co-negotiated control & multi-testing prcoess for surfacing requirements to deliver 21C learner as grounded neo-nomad?


Part of the Futurelab Industry Members event series.

Focus on Free Libre and Open Source Software; check out www.schoolsforge.com

Apologies to the other speakers, I only took notes on Anthony Lilley’s thoughts on 4th phase of copyright – dislocation of content (what is a film? Viewed on phone, tv , etc not edited or produced on film)

Audience as creater – non professional expression of content & conversation content (4docs – channel 4)

iComms – international version of creative commons Using CC to develop content & architecture for business profit?