Nearly white Christmas

1 January 2007

Nearly white Christmas

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Actually it’s New Year, and that’s hail not snow, but the lightning was close enough to make the TV flicker shake.


British train travel

18 July 2006

Leaving aside great feats of British engineering, like a rail network (can hardly call it a system anymore) that stops working when it gets hot, or cold, or wet; and accepting that its impossible to provide wifi access on a train (even though you can get it on airplanes now); how about a 240V socket so that everyone that’s been delayed can at least charge their phone/iPod/laptop/PMP/ etc to help pass the hours between expected arrival (though in no way implied as being guaranteed, certain or even likely during the transaction that relieves you of your money) and actual arrival.

I know you can get them on Virgin trains but I’m on a GWR.

First rant!

(An)other building demolition

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Straight through from flickr.

OK not quite as cool as blogging at 80mph but only my second day at this. And I thought the speed limit that side of the pond was 55mph? 🙂

Archaeological dig

1 June 2006


Cool, bit of a phaff (via Flikr)


1 June 2006

Well posted from my phone but not quite as mobile as hoped, still need to access via IE.

Opening post

31 May 2006

Ok, well I guess every blog begins somewhere; this one with an apology.

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